Legal for Xray & Xporter

Document Version Effective date
Privacy policy XB.P01.20200304.01 13/March/2020
Terms of use XB.P05.20200304.01 13/March/2020
Cookies policy XB.P02.20200304.01 13/March/2020
EULA XB.P04.20200304.01 13/March/2020
Free software EULA XB.P07.20210308.02 10/March/2021
Cloud security statement XB.P03.20200304.01 13/March/2020
SLA XB.P06.20200304.02 15/July/2020
Sub-Processors XB.P09.20200326.01 26/March/2020
Acceptable Use Policy XB.P10.20200616.01 20/June/2020

Data processing addendum

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Archived versions

Document Version Expiry date
SLA XB.P06.20200304.01 14/July/2020
Free software EULA XB.P07.20200304.01 13/March/2020